Thursday, December 31, 2009

Mistress Marilyn

Mistress Marilyn is officially a breath of fresh air to all of our clip stores. Although she is in her early 20's she puts a lot of enthusiasm into everything she does, this young Mistress is a sponge, absorbing everything in sight. Mistress Marilyn is going to be a household name in the BDSM scene. She definitely lives up to her name, blond, busty and curvy. Her voice is soft yet strict, and can be very demanding. For the fetishist this young Domina comes with an amazing latex and leather wardrobe. Her shoe and boot collection is growing daily. So Marilyn this is an official welcome from the NYC RUBBER STUDIO, Muahhh!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Poem from slave paulina

Right now I have but one desire
To mend and heal for that I strife
Then you can set my heart on fire
And I can feel to be alive

I love to be in your domain
Where leather and latex is galore
Where there is delight and pain
Where I can serve you and adore

Poem from slave paulina

I love my mistress with her jet black hair
Her graceful body and shapely breast
Her regal presence in her lair
In lustrous latex she is dressed

A mischievous twinkle in her eyes
A beguiling pose bewitching me
And shiny boots up to her thighs
The most alluring sight you'll ever see.

My mind and my senses go adrift
I submit to her will and her charms
Oh mistress please accept my gift
I surrender my heart in your arms

I am all yours, you are in control
Please treat me with kindness and grace
Go play with my heart and capture my soul
With your different loving ways.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

You-tube project

Hi everyone

Lots of new perverted things are going on here at the NYC Rubber Studio. Many of you have asked how are we putting out as many video as we do. Basically what we do is film twice a week, update our sites, edit videos, and session the other three days.

Today we decided to take on yet another project, Youtube. Basically what we have done is shot some videos of our subs in rubber in inescapable positions and with no genitals exposed, (must keep it clean). Hopefully in a week or so you will be able to search our name and get a small glance into our devious rubber/leather/rope bondage world.

Until next time, Have a Rubbery Day.

Keeping World Shiny And Tight And Well Disciplined

The Rubber Vixens

Monday, November 09, 2009


Its been two weeks, but it feels like a month since we've done a movie. Our videographer Kevin decided to take a vacation. I guess he's entitled to it since the Rubber Vixens had literally worked his ass off. Because of our excessive video shooting we are still ahead with video content despite the 2 weeks. Our next scheduled shoot will be Wednesday. We are overflowing with wicked ideas for future videos. Stay Tuned!

Rubber Vixens

Friday, November 06, 2009

Tortured in the bag

On November 4th I, Mistress Ariana, did a video for NYC Rubber Studio clip4sale store. I enjoyed filming this one, as I promised it was all about rubber. So much happened in it that I am left unsure as to what I will name this one. Here's a brief taste! I've done many shoot with forsythia but this one was different because I felt the chemistry. He took one look into my eyes and I could feel him melting away as I place him in my regulation sleep sack with the attached hood. I then tied him securely to the floating suspended bondage table making sure that there was no possibility for this rubberwhore to escape. Once he was helpless I began teasing him, I then noticed that the rubber whore was feeling way to much pleasure so I tortured his cock a bit, my arsenal included; my patent leather boots, my legs, bare feet, crops, canes, and my horse tail whip. I recall on numerous occasion the rubber whore yell from the top of his lungs, which is music to my ears. At the end the whore was milked and forced to eat his own cum. What a day, What a day!

Until next time, have a rubbery day!

Mistress Ariana Chevalier
Keeping World Shiny And Tight And Well Disciplined

Mistress Ariana Chevalier

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Our Clip Store

Hello my pets and fans

Its been almost 3 month since we began our clips for sale store. After viewing the store, I've come to realize that the it has become an everything store instead of a rubber store.

To correct this I'm expanding my empire! I have decided to open several other stores so that the NYC Rubber Studio store will remain strictly a rubber store. Watch us in the second week of November as we get shinier and tighter than ever before. I will continue to update the store daily. If any of you rubber sluts out there have any ideas do email them in.

Keeping World Shiny And Tight And Well Disciplined

The Rubber Vixens

Opportunity to film with US!

Hello all My potential pervy pets,

Now you can win an opportunity to film with US! The sub who comes up with the most unique, sadistic, pervy, rubbery and sexy story line will have opportunity to grace the heels of the Rubber Vixens. All applicants must be in decent shape, have no health problem and enjoy heavy CBT.

Keeping World Shiny And Tight And Well Disciplined

The Rubber Vixens

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Videos shoot with

This week some of the independent Doms associated with the NYC Rubber Studio did a fabulous photo shoot with DJ of DDI and and Bootlover Terri. Believe me when I tell you these photos are to die for. Mistress Alina Decor, Mistress Adrienne, Mistress Alicia, Mme Sade and Mistress Ariana Chevalier looked so sexy and gorgeous. When I say they all looked amazing in their boots it's an under statement.

Mistress Alina wore several corsets and of course was thoroughly booted up. Mme Sade wore a corset dress, leather police hat, leather gloves and thigh high boots, she reminded me of a Strict German Mistress. She also wore a beautiful red and black corset and ballet boots. Mistress Alicia looked amazing in her playful yet sadistic, custom made Vex rubber school girl outfit, not to mention her gorgeous custom knee high boots. Mistress Alicia followed up that outfit with a short custom made chain mail skirt, rubber bra and patent thigh boots, Yum, Yum! Mistress Adrienne's first outfit was a black rubber ensemble with patent leather thigh highs as if that look wasn't amazing enough her second wardrobe was an amazing leather jacket with lace up thigh highs boots, Muahhh!!!!! Mistress Ariana Chevalier wore a latex dress that resemble HailRaiser dress of HellRaiser the Movie and her crotch high patent leather boots and used her rubber boot bitch as a prop. I know these Booted Diva's wore poor DJ and Bootlover Terri out, but it was all worth it because the shoot was amazing. Until next time, stay tune.

NYC Rubber Studio

Keeping World Shiny And Tight And Well Disciplined

Monday, September 07, 2009

Love this email: Even in absent I am still able to Haunted my playthings

Good day Mistress Ariana,

I'm sorry it's been something of a while since I contacted you. Trust me, it's not for lack of interest. :) Between scheduling I've really not had the chance to ask for a visit. Too bad for me, that is! However, I will say that hardly a full day goes by without thinking upon my experience with you. (This isn't as psycho/stalker/deranged as it sounds. I have an occasionally menial job and an active imagination.)

So at this point, when my mind wanders to the subject of complete, utter, and inescapable erotic bondage, only one name comes up. I keep thinking of arriving at your dungeon, being quickly gagged, hooded, and my hands bound, only to discover that that is merely the beginning. What would come next would be a masterpiece of leather, rubber, and latex bondage. I dream of the (obviously muffled) jingle of the straps, the creak of the leather, the crisp, luscious sound of rubber being slid into position. The fear, impotence, and dangerous excitement of wanting more extreme and restrictive bonds. And getting it, without the chance to object, complain, or for that matter, move. My fantasy is sheer, absolute control, becoming a trembling, struggling figure of exotic restraint.

Whew. Got myself a bit worked up there. As stated, my fantasies and your skills dovetail wonderfully. At some point (soon, I'd like to think) we could see how far we can push, or achieve, these enticing imaginings of a taut, shiny, masterpiece of entrapment.
Thank you for your time.

My regards, yours truly,

This poem I dedicate to Mistress Ariana

You are the epitome, of dominant perfection, You seized
my mind, my body and my
soul, because of you I did
have an erection and heard the bells of rapture ring

and toll. To you I presented my devotion and I felt
pleasure happiness and joy,
my mind dissolved in
quivering emotion, as you engaged with me your rubber


This poem I dedicate to Mistress Ariana
fondly Paulina

Monday, July 13, 2009

Smoking Table

“Hello Ma’am, may I be of service to you?” the bitch says to me as she enters the room.  With her latex ensemble (latex thigh highs and her latex teddy) and ballerina shoes, she sways her hips from side to side attempting to get my full attention.  She looks quite tempting and delicious, but I keep my cool as I can tell this bitch will soon bring out the sadist in me.  As we talk about her upcoming duties as my property, she begins to move uncontrollably and moaning.  “What the hell is wrong with this bitch?  Is it that time of the month for her?  Does she have an itch?  Is this bitch just crazy?”  I ask myself as I looked at her bewildered and puzzled.  “Calm down bitch, you are pissing me off!”  I told her as she began to moan louder.  What else could be done in my position, besides teaching this bitch a lesson?  

As her moans elevate in sound and her breathing began to get heavier, I commanded her to lay on the bed.  However, this was not just your ordinary bed, it was a special bed.  This bed was red, adorned with hooks, and a cage comfy on the bottom.  I will admit that I flirted with the idea of placing her ass in the cage, but she would still have movement and able to move about in there; I wanted her helpless, motionless, and silent!!  The bitch obeys and gets on the bed, eager because she thought she was going to “service” me … lol .. Silly bitch

“Ma’am I am so excited to be here with you.  I have waited to be by your side for months now, but I understand you are busy, so I waited for you.  I have so much I would like to tell you ….” And she kept on and on.  At this point, I was fed up with her nonsense and was 2 seconds away from kicking her ass out.  Then I thought to myself, “Alina, there are 1001 things you can do to/with this bitch to keep her not only quiet but still too”, so I went for it … As the bitch talked away, I mentally blocked her off and began on my wondrous adventure.  As she got her last word in, I gagged her “mmmmmhmmhhhmm” was all that was heard, I can deal with that.  At this point, she was scared and had no idea what I was going to do next so she quickly reached for the edge of the bed attempting to escape, little did she know she only heightened my madness … “Where the hell do you think you’re going bitch?? Do you not understand that you will love everything I do to you and you will thank me for it later? Now lay back down before I kick your ass!!!”  Quickly she looked at me with fear and excitement in her eyes as she laid back down and prepared herself for what was to come. 

She looked at me with her smiling eyes as I walked to her with ropes in my hands.  I wanted to adorn her with the same color ropes as her clothing to make her look presentable for her task.  I began at the feet, just in case she made another attempt to escape me.  I pulled the rope to secure the restraints and she squealed, assuring me that the ropes were secured and tight, just as I like it.  I moved up to her thigh running my nails thru them building her up with both pleasure and pain … I continued on my work of art, in one hole, our another, in one hole, out another  and at this point I can see her excitement as her juices flowed all over the bed .. YUMMMM is what came to mind along with “it is time to go harder!” So I did just that.  Swaying, as she was when she entered, I walked over and got more ropes to add more fuel to the fire … As I walked back and forth and side to side, I can see her eyes following me just waiting for me to touch her skin.  For me to caress her as I did before, but I had plans for her and touching her was not part of it, at least not until I was done.  This design was called a Net, something I picked up along the way and a design I deemed appropriate for the vision I had in mind.  She moved on that bed like a whore moves in bed.  Thrusting her pelvic area in anxiety of wanting to be released and release.. But I was not giving in, the bitch pissed me off, so now she had to pay for her mistake.  As I tied the last knot, I looked at my work of art and was quite pleased.  Not only was she now silent, but she was motionless too, just as I wanted her.  The work of art with my ropes was one form of satisfaction for me, but nothing compared to the look in her eyes.  She looked perplexed, petrified, apprehensive, thankful, and fulfilled all at the same time.  That was my greatest merit.  

After finally being able to tame this wild bitch, I had a seat and prepared for a well-deserved cigarette on my new smoking table, the bitch in ropes …….

Keeping World Shiny And Tight And Well Disciplined

Greetings Gentlemen, Fetishist, subs and admirers

Upon all your requests, the Rubber Vixens have decided to grant your wishes on creating a Blog of our daily activities.  Prepare yourself to embark on total enclosure, sensory deprivation, mummification, cocooning, latex, leather, suspension, and bondage.

The Mistresses of the NYC Rubber Studio are expertise in the art of bondage and mind control. We thrive on taking subs, bondage enthusiasts and fetishist into subspace.  Main objective is to take away what is most precious to you, your power and strength!!! 
Imagine yourself in one of Our custom-made inflatable suits, unable to hear, speak, or see - rendering you as helpless as the day you were born --totally dependent on Us. We invite you to step out of the light and into Our dark bizarre rubber world, were your fantasies will become Our reality..
For those unfortunate few unable to visit Us in person, through Our stories, you can experience the magic at the comfort of your own home.   

Mistress Ariana Chevalier

Keeping World Shiny And Tight And Well Disciplined