Saturday, November 20, 2010

Mistress Cassandra DeVille owns this slave!

I was lying at Mistress Cassandra’s perfectly manicured feet, looking up at Her from the bottom of the floor where She had me positioned. Her beauty was majestic, exotic and all-consuming. She wore a tight fitting black and red corset on top of a black skintight dress, and stood towering over me with 4 inch heels that made me feel swallowed up in Her powerful presence. Her chestnut-colored hair fell straight down Her back, not a strand out of place. Her deep, dark eyes smiled at me sadistically as I gazed up at Her while She watched my surrender and display of genuine submission.

“You’d do anything for Me slave, wouldn’t you?” She asked me with a trace of seduction evident in Her soft voice.

“Yes, Mistress,” I responded instinctually, as would any slave. Her natural dominance was impossible to resist. She held me mentally captive, so that even if I could break free of the physical ties that bound me, I would not be able to escape the prison of my mind where She encased me in bondage so restricting I could no longer think for myself… or even have any desire to. She must have sensed this from the way I cautiously gazed up at Her with total admiration.

“I’m going to let you prove it to Me, slave,” She commanded as She placed a freshly lit cigarette to Her alluring lips. She bewitched me as She inhaled and then slowly released the smoke into the room, forcing me to watch in complete defeat as it made a halo about Her face. “After all of these years together, slave, we are finally going to find out whether you’re all talk or whether or not you are really the devoted slave you profess yourself to be.” With those words, She extended Her hand to reach for a black leather blindfold and secured it tightly around my head so that I could see nothing but a suggestive darkness that forced my imagination to run wild with the thoughts of what She had in store for me. What would I have to endure to assert my worthiness to be Her slave? What tests would I have to pass to prove my dedication? She untied me and gently guided me off the floor and onto my knees where I was instructed to remain perfectly still and await Her return.

When She entered the room I could feel another presence accompanied Her. Indeed my senses were correct, as another Mistress began to speak and I recognized Her distinct voice. It was Domina Nyx. The two began to converse about my predicament as if I were not even there at all. Mistress Cassandra was informing Domina Nyx that She had a slave who was trying to be very good for Her and would be rewarded for his behavior. Mistress Nyx agreed, and as She offered Her approval, the blindfold was torn off of my face forcefully, without even an adjustment of the straps. Mistress Cassandra tossed it onto the floor as the two Mistresses laughed in unison for a reason, at first, I could not comprehend.

It took a couple of seconds before my eyes were able to adjust to the sight before me. My vision was a bit obstructed from being blindfolded. But when my new reality started to literally become clear before my eyes, I noticed that I was inches away from a giant, bulging and obviously eager cock. I had never been so close to a male organ before, other than my own, of course. And even then, it’s not the same. A monumental penis was greeting me as I knelt before it in sheer terror, petrified at what this could mean.

I could barely look at Mistress Cassandra when She spoke, as the appendage in front of my face was violating my senses and commanding my attention. But I heard Mistress Cassandra’s voice in the background of my mind. “Yes, one slave was a good boy today, but it was NOT you!” I knew by Her tone that Her statement was intended for me, and that obviously I had done something to displease Her while Her other slave had earned Her good graces.

Mistress Cassandra gently guided my face up toward Hers so that I was forced to look in Her eyes as She instructed me on what to do next, hypnotizing me with Her beauty and seduction as She ordered me to service Her other slave. “I want you to lick his cock in front of us right NOW!” She demanded, the softness in Her voice gradually giving way to grave authority, warning me that any hesitation would be met with strict and unrelenting punishment. For this reason, I surprisingly did not hesitate, but followed orders as if this was something I had done many times before. I knew that this was my Mistress’ wish and that I had to obey, and I wanted to obey because the greatest pleasure comes from true servitude to ones Mistress – doing things that previously never crossed the mind, pushing limits, expanding horizons, performing for your Mistress’s pleasure and gratification with absolutely no regard to your own. If She wanted me to lick or suck or fuck his cock, then I was going to do it. The arousal at my own obedience and knowing that I was giving Her pleasure by instinctively following Her commands somehow overrode the fear that had nearly strangled me when I opened my eyes to the sight of an erect penis eagerly awaiting my attention.

I gently placed my tongue on the head of this slave’s penis and began to lick with such a passion and fury that I think Mistress Cassandra and Domina Nyx were actually surprised, and dare I say it, perhaps even impressed. My tongue took a long, deliberate journey around the shaft of his penis, working its way up and down the entire organ, alternating between soft caresses and vigorous licks that has his organ growing under the magic of my novice, but apparently skilled, tongue. I felt the veins of his penis begin to pump blood into the hardening shaft, desperate for more as it swelled against my lips.

Mistress Cassandra grabbed my face in both of Her hands and pressed my head forward toward Her slave’s penis. “Now suck it slave,” She demanded, Her authority still so intimidating that there was absolutely no opportunity for refusal. I hesitated only for a brief second, trying to digest the reality of what was happening. That second of hesitation was duly noted and Mistress Cassandra pried open my mouth while Domina Nyx grabbed a hold of the other slave’s erect member and forced it into my mouth. “Consider yourself lucky,” Mistress Cassandra demanded. “This is My personal slave and you should be very grateful I am sharing him with you.”

My lips reflexively wrapped around his throbbing penis in utter gratitude and I slowly began to suck my first cock. I closed my eyes, as if this could somehow make the situation less real, but I was reprimanded with a slap from my Mistress and the stern command to keep focused on my task. I looked up for a moment and saw Domina Nyx, who was standing before me and behind the other slave. She was smiling down at me as She watched me begin to vigorously work on sucking this slave’s cock. Her black eyes were shining beneath the dimly lit candles, and She looked like the vision of a living Goddess who had materialized from a dream. The beauty of these two Mistresses was so overwhelming that I could barely contain myself. I knew it pleasured them to watch my cock-sucking display and so I invested all of my effort into impressing them – especially to prove to Mistress Cassandra that I would do ANYTHING to prove my loyalty and devotion.

Domina Nyx diverted Her gaze for a brief moment from my show to Mistress Cassandra. “You were right, Cassandra,” She whispered in a voice so sexy it brought me further to my knees. “Just look at his cock, he loves it!”

Mistress Cassandra smiled at Domina Nyx. Then She bent forward so that my eyes met Hers and I was locked into Her gaze, nearly exploding from the arousal of being in such a divine presence, of the privilege of being a slave to such a stunning Dominatrix. “Yes, Domina Nyx,” Mistress Cassandra responded. She continued to look down at me as She lit another cigarette, erotically inhaling the smoke and then exhaling it into my face with a mind-blowing declaration: “Now, I TRULY own him.”

Mistress Cassandra DeVille

Keeping World Shiny And Tight And Well Disciplined

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Clips4sale Website Update

Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to keep you updated on Our clips4sales stores. There will be a lot to tell in the next coming weeks as we are launching this into a full-blown business like never before. We are now filming on a constant basis rather than sporadically. It's just too much fun at the Studio NOT to take advantage of our awesome lifestyles. We are CONSTANTLY playing (and/or punishing) and there are some amazing things for us to capture footage of almost ALL of the time. So from here-on-in, no scene will be wasted! We have straight fetish clips of every variety: Tease & Denial, Strict Discipline, Heavy Punishment, Actual Torture, Bondage, Rubber, Vibrators, F/f, F/m+f, Interrogations, Beat-downs & Confessions, Amazingly serious as well as amazingly creative and amusing Role-Play, CBT, Foot Fetish, Point-of-Views… well, I have a life to attend to so I cannot go on here forever. But you get the point. So there is MUCH to look forward to. Within the next couple of months, Our stores are going to be entirely revamped. We are going back to the very beginning and making ALL of our clips available as entire movies. We are also going to be doing conversions to different formats to expand our market so that buyers have the option of purchasing clips/videos in other formats. Eventually, we are going to take it a step further and everything is going to go high-def! So, we are going to be moving into the new year with some serious goals! Watch out NYC! We won't stop until We reach #1!

Mistress Ariana Chevalier
Keeping the world Shiny and Tight (and Well Disciplined!!)

Monday, November 08, 2010

Another Extraordinary day at NYC Rubber Studio

Hello Everyone

The other day We had so much fun at the studio. I had scheduled a video shoot that included Myself, Domina Nyx, Mistress Mona Rogers and slave Felix. Of course, as it typical, nothing ever goes as planned. I had a 2 hour appointment that day, and Nyx and Mona had a two hour double. Felix actually arrived on time, this time! And I certainly couldn’t have him having free reign of the studio while We were all sessioning. What else could I do, but place him in a secure body bag where he was immobilized to the point where he couldn’t move a muscle. He was also encased in a leather hood, blindfolded and gagged. The bag exposed his nipples and genitals however. After-all, the purpose is to deprive the slave, not the Mistresses! Domina Nyx decided to have some fun by piercing his nipples while I bound his cock and balls and tied his entire body to the bondage table. I got dressed for my session, stopping by the room where Felix was bound before going to see my client. I was gracious enough to remove his blindfold for a brief moment so he could be torture by a quick glimpse of Me in my fabulous hot and shiny latex outfit. I could hear the poor thing whimpering when I put the blindfold back on.

I took every opportunity to see slave Felix in between my session breaks. On the first trip, I noticed the pierced nipples, and on the second visit I noted here was lipstick all over the breathing tube of the gag.. and MORE needles. I decided to blow some smoke into the tube and force the mask to fill with My smoke, causing a foggy haze around his face.

Domina Nyx and Mistress Mona’s session ended before Mine, and as I was walking my client out, I was hearing some laughter coming out of the room where Felix was bound. I entered the room to find that Mistress Mona was enjoying Her lunch ON TOP of slave Felix. Indeed, he is LUCKY, especially because She was doing her bootie pop! Domina Nyx was having fun continuing to add more needles to Felix's already heavily decorated nipples.

slave Felix was extremely excited, which was evidenced by his raging erection, but who could really blame him - having THREE beautiful and seductive women teasing and torturing him to the point of absolute arousal. Domina Nyx sat on Felix next and he started thrusting and nearly threw Her off of him in excitement. We ordered him not to cum while teasing him with the Hitachi and whispering sexy (and naughty) things in his ear. He was told the consequences for cuming would be 10 swift kicks in the balls by each of Us Mistresses.

Poor Felix. I bet you can guess where this story is going and how it ended. With a pathetic slave sitting in the corner with ice packs on his genitals for about an hour. Yup, just another extraordinary day at the NYC Rubber Studio!

NYC Rubber Studio
Keeping The World Shiny And Tight And Well Disciplined!