Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mistress Audra's discipline

Hello Everyone

It always amazes Me how slave's often afford themselves the privilege to feel "entitled" to do whatever the hell they want, break the rules, disrespect the Mistresses wishes, etc, etc. Let Me explain. The other day, a regular client had a scheduled appointment to see Lady Audra. Because this was not his first visit, he felt "entitled" to disregard the rule of calling at the corner before ringing the bell. Calling from the corner is NOT optional. This gives the Mistress enough time to make sure the room is prepared, that She is ready, to give any instructions to the client (perhaps She wanted a water at the store)…. well, you get the point.

I let him in, anyway, however. I don't play like that. He was going to get what he had coming to him. As soon as the door opened, I ripped his ear and led him into the room while giving him a stern verbal reprimand for his insolence. An unhappy Lady Audra followed me in and took over. She made him strip down while calling him degrading names and acknowledging his worthless nature while commanding him to bark like the little dog that he was. Apparently he took that too literally because his barking noises were so pathetic he sounded like a tea-cup puppy, and it was actually pissing me off. Audra must have felt the same way because She decided to whip him for his irritating sounds. I wasn't in the room at this point, but I could tell that She was flogging him. However, She was being merciful and he didn't deserve it. The sounds coming out of that room were not genuine cries of pain, and I took it upon Myself to remedy that.

I took one of the heavier whips out of my cabinet, entered the room and began beating his ass. Unfortunately, he wasn't tied down and pussy slave actually (yes literally) ran from the blows. He had the nerve to leave the room, terrified and in pain, dashing down the hallway as if he could escape. Little did he know Domina Nyx was waiting in the hallway, whip in hand, as if She knew it would be needed. She was actually admiring one of my nice little quirts, not realizing how handy it would become.

"Going somewhere?" She asked sadistically as he accidentally ran into Her. He stopped, surprised, and bolted in the other direction, where of course Audra and I were on his tail. We both began whipping his back and ass and he fell into a doggie position on the floor. Lady Audra decided to keep him in place by stepping on his hands, so that this time he could not escape his punishment. Domina Nyx and I went to work on him as Audra dug Her shiny heels into his hands.

All he could do was slither around on the floor like a snake as his legs eventually gave out from the pain and he writhed around on the floor. We made him slither over to Our feet and worship all 3 pairs of them while wearing Our whip and heel marks. Little snake dared not disobey and he worshiped Our feet quite nicely. However, he left a nice white trail beneath him that disturbed my hardwood floors. That could not be tolerated and so Lady Audra commanded him to lick it up. Domina Nyx and I stood inches away with Our eager whips in Our hands ready to beat some more ass if he didn't do a good job. slave here must have learned his lesson, however, as the floor was shining by the time he had finished. Second day in a row that a slave licked My floor clean! Hey, with slaves around, who needs mops?

NYC Rubber Studio

Keeping World Shiny And Tight And Well Disciplined

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Cruel Rubber Domme

Hi Everyone

Today I shot a video with another Rubber Domme. This Domina is another one who chooses to remain anonymous, cloaked in mystery and leaving all of you wondering what beauty lies beneath Her latex hood. Cruel Rubber Domme wore a Matrix Rubber coat for this session with a red and black hood. slave B did not deserve the privilege of admiring Her beautiful face. He needed to be tortured and taunted, by only seeing the absolute minimum - her plush enchanting ruby clad lips and those dark, intense eyes that threatened to burn a hole through his body the moment She entered the room. But even this was too much for undeserving slave B, as he would soon take advantage of Her generosity.

Mystery Rubber Domme must have anticipated him to be as unruly as he would soon prove, and She slapped him senseless after shutting the door ominously behind Her. slave was already on his hands and knees, but that didn't stop Her from accessing his smart-ass-masochist nature and lack of genuine respect for Her. After slapping him and leaving Her hand-prints on his face, She grabbed his thick neck with one hand and lifted him off the floor where she proceeded to shackle him to My suspension unit.

She remained silent throughout this whole time, forcing him to watch in dreadful anticipation of what might happen next. She decided She would use a cane on his ass at Her leisure. First She was going to tease him by admiring it in front of him. She stroked the cane as he watched, wide-eyed and trembling. She sized it up with an evil grin on Her face that was only half visible beneath Her disguise.

She then walked over to him with Her perfectly poised body and began to administer a series of strokes with the cane. Unfortunately for slave B, this cane was not to Her satisfaction. Without a word, She left the room to choose a better instrument. Smart ass slave was, in the meantime, pulling a Houdini and maneuvering his way out of the suspension. His timing was off however, and he was caught red handed, as the shocked Mistress observed him trying to escape. Her eyes were tinted with fury at his audacity and this provoked Her out of Her strategic silence. "How dare you?" She hissed.

To ensure this would not happen again, Cruel Rubber Domme pierced 2 needles through each of slave B's nipples, tied them together with string and then tied that string to the suspension unit. To add to his discomfort, She applied Freeze It wart remover to his sensitive nipples, producing quite a sensation. After dealing with his nipples, She inserted 2 more needles under the head of his penis, which She also attached to some string so that She could pull him around like a puppet at Her whim.

Now it was really time to apply the cane. Now, when the cane marred his ass and he jerked as a reaction, this would create tension as his nipples and cock were controlled by the string. Any wrong movement was cause for sensational pain. Of course Ms. Mystery Domme decided to use this to Her advantage and applied rapid cane strokes to slaves body. But this soon bored Her and She decided something more serious was in order and that it was necessary to scare the shit out of slave B, at the very least.

Prepared with some rubbing alcohol and a lighter, along with Her magic fire stick, Cruel Rubber Domme directed the lit fire wand towards slave B's genitals as he looked on like a deer caught in the headlights not knowing what the hell She was going to do.

She proceeded to spray the alcohol in his direction. The wave of fire rushed towards him, literally singeing his pubic hairs. When She saw how successful She was with his cock and balls, She decided to apply this tactic to every area of his hairy body including his sensitive asshole. Soon slave B was hot foot dancing as he tried, to no avail, to avoid this Mistress' heated flames.

NYC Rubber Studio

Keeping World Shiny And Tight And Well Disciplined

Monday, July 12, 2010

Goddess Omi's Tickle revenge

Hello Tickle Fans

Last week the Ladies at NYC Rubber Studio wanted to hone their bondage skills by practicing on one another. Lady Akane had hogtied Goddess Omi and as a "joke" decided to use a vibrator on her, taking complete advantage of her helpless predicament! Goddess Omi was determined to get revenge however, as using a vibrator was (although in great fun) not exactly part of the plan. So when it came time for a suspension demonstration given by yours truly, Mistress Ariana, Lady Akane was the one in restraints. Ah, how quickly the tables turn as Goddess Omi quickly got into the action by tickling her. Of course this was too good not to grab the camera. Revenge can be sweet, especially when caught on tape!

NYC Rubber Studio

Keeping World Shiny And Tight And Well Disciplined

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Eight Legs 2 Balls

Hello Ballbusting Fans

Eight Legs 2 Balls

Today we did some awesome ball busting videos with some of the hot Mistress's at NYC's Rubber Studio. Lady Akane showed some of her powerful ball destroying kicks on lucky slave's balls. The second up on our Ball Busting All Star Team was Goddess Omi. Although she is the Princess, she too delivered some severe ball destructive punches and kicks to poor slave's balls. Following her lead, Mistress Rex (the tiny tyrant as I like to refer to her) delivered some hardcore assaults on those already battered balls. That professional kickboxing sure came in handy. Our Amazon Goddess, Mistress Imara, had no choice but to position herself on one knee and simply use slave's balls as punching bags - as you could imagine, slave's balls were in some pretty pathetic shape. Unfortunately, my ladies had no mercy and weren't easily satisfied. They demanded more torture and so the team got together to continue the assault with their legs and feet. I was the in charge of the camera and zooming in on all these pairs of legs coming at slave's - making this the ultimate ball assassination!

NYC Rubber Studio

Keeping World Shiny And Tight And Well Disciplined

Sunday, July 04, 2010


Hello All,

This blog is about a very interesting session I was asked to perform recently. This is unlike anything I (Mistress Ariana) have ever done or even heard of doing. On a scale from 1-10, I am going to have to give this a rating of 11 for overall creativity. It all began with an e-mail from a gentleman interested in a multiple total day transformation session - okay, nothing particularly unordinary about that. I agreed this could be arranged. However, once I gave him the go ahead, he informed me that he wanted to be "ebonized?" Ebonized? I had never heard of such a fetish. My first instinct was to say no thinking that he wanted me to paint his face black, which was sort of what he did want but not in exactly the way I figured. At first I declined, but he continued to insist he wanted to be made up to look like a beautiful black woman. He told me he would be in NYC for four days and wanted to be kept as an ebony women until it was time for him to go back home. Well, why not? There's really nothing I can't do. So I agreed. I had him send me half of the tribute plus the cost of all the MAC makeup we are going to have to purchase. Should be a very interesting experience to say the least. So stayed tuned. I guarantee you this will be like nothing you have ever seen before.

NYC Rubber Studio

Keeping World Shiny And Tight And Well Disciplined