Monday, August 30, 2010

Corporal Day

Hello Everyone,

Today wasn't exactly a typical day. Usually My session day consists of heavy bondage, dealing with the equipment fetishist, extreme rubber adornment, and sometimes the occasional corporal punishment request. But for some reason I was plagued with extremely heavy corporal sessions. Good thing I had a nuisance slave who put me in the right frame of mind to deliver such beatings.

Today slave B decided to rub me the wrong way. Everything he did was basically wrong. He arrived late knowing that I had appointments scheduled after our session and that I was on an extremely tight schedule. He also decided to conveniently forget to go to the store like asked him to, so he could bring Me the two bottles of water I asked him to.

So he arrived late and empty handed. I had half a mind to kick him out on his ass the moment he got here but then I had a better idea. I told him that he could stay if he wanted but that he had no say in the type of session we were going to have and he was going to have to pay a late tax on top of the regular tribute. Genius agreed having no idea what was in store for him.

Well being that he was nearly late by an entire hour, all of the rooms were taken as the Studio is always very busy. I had no choice but to beat him in the hallway in front of the Mistresses who were not in session. He might have enjoyed this had he been a masochistic as opposed to a rubber whore; unfortunately for him, he doesn't like pain. But it was already too late. He had been warned. Perhaps he thought that just because he had given Me a sufficient tribute that he would, in the end, get the type of session he had requested despite his screw-ups.

Apparently, slave B doesn't like public humiliation and was quite mortified when I had him lean forward against the desk while I wailed on him with a wooden paddle as the other Mistresses watched and mocked him. As I was beating him, my next session arrived. I dragged slave B to the bathroom, paddling him for incentive to move faster, so that I could keep him out of the way. While he was locked inside moaning from the pain, something he obviously isn't used to, I led my new client to the Middle Room where I immediately slapped the back of his head, forced him to strip and tied him to the bondage cross. After administering 50 rapid, severe cane strokes for absolutely no reason except that I knew he could handle it, I left him for a breather and returned to slave B. I proceeded to beat slave B with a heavy paddle until he tripped into the shower, while squirming to get away from Me.

This aggravated Me, and I went back to the Middle room where I paddled slave X for 5 minutes straight with as much force as I could muster. I didn't gag him because I wanted slave B to hear him screaming a few feet away as he contemplated what was in store for him. My arm was growing tired however, so I stopped by My desk to drink some day-old water because someone had neglected to buy me a new one. This made Me angry again, and I was about to make my way back to slave B when Lady Akane came out of Her session seeming annoyed. I asked Her what was wrong and She informed Me that Her client was giving Her a real attitude, so She had come out to get one of the heavy whips from the display case. She saw the gleam in My eyes when I handed Her the whip and asked if I was interested in teaching Her slave a lesson. Of course, being the wonderful Mistress and Employer that I am, I obliged. I went into the Rubber Room where Lady Akane had secured Her slave to the bondage bed. He was blindfolded, and I didn't bother to say two words to him, I simply assaulted him with the whip until he was squirming so violently I thought he might actually break the bondage straps. "That should do it; I don't think he'll be giving You any further trouble," I told Lady Akane as I took the whip and found my way back to the bathroom.

Pathetic slave B was still huddled in the corner of the shower, as if this could protect him. I told him he could get up and turn around while I whipped his ass or he could stay there and I would beat the front of him. Didn't matter to me where the whip landed as long as it landed SOMEWHERE on his pathetic body. Luckily for him, he obeyed. I drew back the shower curtain entirely, made him lean against shower wall and beat him without mercy, having to resort to gagging him at one point so that he wouldn't disrupt the other sessions. I whipped his back, his ass and his thighs until they were striped and then until the welts dissolved into one another and his flesh was a pure mass of red, tenderized flesh. Then I made him take a freezing shower because he was on the verge of passing out. I would have offered him some water, but I didn't have any fresh bottles.

I then made my way back to slave X in the middle room, bringing my powerful whip with Me… I was now hyped up on the adrenaline and My arm was itching to keep going. So I beat slave X, after gagging him, until he resembled the condition of slave B. I felt like today was Marathon Corporal Day. He didn't really deserve the kind of severity offered him, but one just never knows what they can expect when signing up for a session with Me. You just have to take what I give. But slave X is a masochist and he was respectful and he actually thanked Me for allowing him to be an outlet for My aggression. That's how good slaves behave. Any volunteers?

Mistress Ariana Chevalier

Keeping World Shiny And Tight And Well Disciplined