Tuesday, February 23, 2010

NYC Rubber Studio is receiving a whole new look!

Hello fellow rubberists,

I know it has been a while since I have updated this blog. It has been a crazy couple of months. Since I decided to open two additional clip4sale stores I been so busy with creating hot mind bending kink for you all. In addition to those new projects I have also decided to revamp the entire Rubber Studio. Yes, renovation! I will do the unveiling of the new and improved NYC Rubber Studio in the late spring if not before. Upon entering the Studio you will see the changes, fresh paint and new flooring. The Medical room is almost completed. Next up a fresh coat of paint and stainless steel sheets that mimic mirrors. Soon you will be able to watch dozens of naughty nurse tortures. The Rubber Room will receive a new floor, all existing furniture will be recovered and there will be a new steel suspension. The Marionette Chamber will receive a fresh coat of paint as well. The Bondage Chamber will receive a decorative wall finish and all of its furniture will also be recovered. And Our Torture Chamber will receive a fresh coat of paint, new steel suspension, and some new furniture. The look that We are going for is clean and modern. As our studio evolves I will post photos. Until then, Sweet Rubber Dreams.

NYC Rubber Studio

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