Monday, September 07, 2009

Love this email: Even in absent I am still able to Haunted my playthings

Good day Mistress Ariana,

I'm sorry it's been something of a while since I contacted you. Trust me, it's not for lack of interest. :) Between scheduling I've really not had the chance to ask for a visit. Too bad for me, that is! However, I will say that hardly a full day goes by without thinking upon my experience with you. (This isn't as psycho/stalker/deranged as it sounds. I have an occasionally menial job and an active imagination.)

So at this point, when my mind wanders to the subject of complete, utter, and inescapable erotic bondage, only one name comes up. I keep thinking of arriving at your dungeon, being quickly gagged, hooded, and my hands bound, only to discover that that is merely the beginning. What would come next would be a masterpiece of leather, rubber, and latex bondage. I dream of the (obviously muffled) jingle of the straps, the creak of the leather, the crisp, luscious sound of rubber being slid into position. The fear, impotence, and dangerous excitement of wanting more extreme and restrictive bonds. And getting it, without the chance to object, complain, or for that matter, move. My fantasy is sheer, absolute control, becoming a trembling, struggling figure of exotic restraint.

Whew. Got myself a bit worked up there. As stated, my fantasies and your skills dovetail wonderfully. At some point (soon, I'd like to think) we could see how far we can push, or achieve, these enticing imaginings of a taut, shiny, masterpiece of entrapment.
Thank you for your time.

My regards, yours truly,

This poem I dedicate to Mistress Ariana

You are the epitome, of dominant perfection, You seized
my mind, my body and my
soul, because of you I did
have an erection and heard the bells of rapture ring

and toll. To you I presented my devotion and I felt
pleasure happiness and joy,
my mind dissolved in
quivering emotion, as you engaged with me your rubber


This poem I dedicate to Mistress Ariana
fondly Paulina