Monday, June 27, 2011

Never a Dull Moment

As usual, there is never a dull moment at the studio. The other day a potential client called to book a session. I asked him who he was interested in seeing, and I could barely understand his answer even though I'm sure it was in English, I made out "pretty gurl" which actually means pretty girl. Sensing a man who thinks women can be paid to do what he says I informed him that we are not girls we are dominant women. I then asked him about his interest. I was told "strong, beat me up and wrestling on floor." I am only writing what was said to me, please do not email me with corrections. He was informed that we do not offer wrestling, yet he agreed and scheduled an appointment.
When he arrived I answered the door and placed him in the room. Cybil was in between session and was the only one available. She asked me if I could collect the tribute. Which I tried to do but when I asked, he demanded to meet "pretty gurl" first. I should have thrown him out immediately but I decided to give the troll the benefit of a doubt. He had earned the troll name because he was extremely short, ugly and had a hunch back. Any way, Cybil entered the room and sure enough within five minute of entering she walks out and says "Get him out of here"! This little troll wanted her naked and wanted her to tie him up between his legs. I told him to leave and he said "you stupid gurls"! I will not repeat word for word, but I did call him a troll, used the f word, told his sorry ass to lose our number and address. WTF. This kind of behave make me wonder what other some of those impostor dommes are doing. Bad behavior will cause you to be thrown out!

NYC Rubber Studio

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